Selection of popular British classic cupcakes, suitable for every occasion


MINI size: £1.00 / REGULAR size: £2.00 per unit


Minimum order: 6 regular size cupcakes or 12 mini size cupcakes of the same flavour

Classic Vanilla

Delicately flavoured vanilla sponge. Topped with strong vanilla buttercream made with the best quality vanilla bean paste.

Peanut & Snickers

Moist and rich peanut flavoured cupcake. Topped with peanut butter icing and piece of Snickers bar.

Double chocolate with Oreo

Deep chocolate flavoured cupcake, fluffy and moist. Topped with creamy chocolate buttercream icing and mini Oreo cookie.

Brownie & Wafer Roll

Wonderfully moist and fudgy dark chocolate brownie. Topped with deep chocolate buttercream icing and wafer roll.

Carrot with Cream Cheese

Traditional moist and fluffy carrot sponge combined with cream cheese icing. Decorated with small handcrafted carrots.

Earl Grey & Lemon

Soft and light Earl Grey tea sponge with the delicate citrus flavour of the lemon buttercream and lemon zest.

Red Velvet

A delicious, vibrant red sponge with a hint of chocolate. Topped with cream cheese buttercream.


Colourful, light and soft sponge, topped with vanilla buttercream and colourful sprinkles. Fun and vibrant rainbow cupcakes which the kids love to eat.


Flavourful and fluffy coffee sponge with real coffee buttercream. Decorated with coffee beans.

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